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For customers who wish to apply the GoTo Travel Discount

It's done in 3 easy steps!

step 1.

[Reserve on this official website of HOTEL CoCoDe +]

* At the time of reservation, the price before discount is displayed.

* Only reservations made on this official website are eligible. Other booking sites

Bookings made through (booking .com, Ekpedia, Rakuten Travel, Jalan, etc.) are not eligible.

Step 2

[Register as a member of STAY NAVI]

Click here to register as a member 

* If you have already registered, please proceed to step 3.


Step 3.

[Issue a discount coupon and present it at check-in]

Enter your reservation information on STAYNAVI's My Page and issue a discount coupon.
* Present the printed coupon and ID at the front desk on the day of check-in.

If you have a QR code for redeeming regional coupons, please show this as well.


* Notes

・ Not applicable for telephone reservations. Only reservations made through this official website are eligible.

・ Customer's personal information entered at the time of reservation will be used for the grant application procedure and this campaign.

We may disclose it to the GoTo Travel Secretariat for the purpose of confirming the usage status of. Please note in advance

We are.

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